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At Pinehurst we believe that the family is the first and most significant teacher of young children.  We encourage a strong partnership between family and school to support your child’s growth and development.  We strive to work together and be responsive to both you and your child’s needs. Through regular conversations, notes, conferences, journals, parents meetings, posted curriculum plans. Ongoing communication is established between staff and families.  We also schedule center-wide family meetings/gatherings at least two times per year and hope you will join us for these community events.  

Waitlist 2023
Pinehurst Brochure 2023-24
Tuition Effective September 1st, 2023




We expect learning and cooperation, and arrange our program and environment accordingly. Our curriculum is diverse and culturally rich, providing for physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Our classrooms are designed to be orderly and inviting with space for large and small group activities. Individual quiet areas are also available. We have the use of a large indoor play area as well as an outdoor play area. 


Because we continually strive to provide high quality care for your child, we evaluate our program each year, assessing our strengths and targeting areas for improvement. 

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