Pinehurst Child Care Center, School Age Program,
& Preschool Programs 
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Tour & Wait List
If you are interested in Pinehurst Child Care Center, please call (206) 365-2197 to arrange a tour. Once you have completed the tour, you can sign up to be on the wait list.

Family Involvement/Participation
We work in partnership with families, appreciating and supporting the close ties between children and their families. We also recognize that families are the experts regarding their children. We strive to work together and be responsive to you and your child’s needs. Through regular conversations, notes, conferences, journals, parents meetings, posted curriculum plans, and newsletters, ongoing communication is established between staff and families. We also schedule center-wide family meetings/gatherings at least two times per year. 

Families are welcome to visit our programs at any time and have free access to the areas used by their child. We encourage you to be actively involved in our program, helping in the classrooms, going on field trips, and assisting with fundraisers.

For more information about family participation, please see your Pinehurst Family Handbook.


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